Local Store Simply Delicious causes havoc as 700+ chickens cripple server

Wholesome food store Simply Delicious cripples server as it automaticly breads 700+ chickens.
laggy blocks, an inablity to eat. and matrix level mobs, these were just some of the challanges facing players today as lag on the nexusfield server reached unpresadented levels, server founder and administrator st_tuff launched an investigation seeking to find the cause of this terrible lag, installing clear lag, and updating plugins proved ineffective at stopping the lag, after hours of searching the problem was discorved hiding under the simply delicious building in hosking heights.
700+ chickens were discorved to be automaticly breading them selfs with the use of dispensors and hoppers. st_tuff quickly calling in the local community in a call to arms lead 5 men at arms into simply delicious to slay the chickens and bring peace back to nexus field.
appon there death the server recorved from the lag issues, we would also like to take this time to remind everyone about the dangers of mob cramming and mob breading.
Please stay tuned for video footage of the seige

(DailyNexus) st_tuff