Modern LWC

Modern LWC

Hi guys, after reviving a lot of feed back this week regarding an increase in crime, we have decided to implement the Modern LWC plugin, this is a new rewrite of the classic LWC chest lock system. i would like to take the time to remind every about core protect and its ability to monitor and log all changes to blocks, animals and chests, this includes detailed time stamps for the removal of items, whilst i do consider it necessary i cant under stand the reasoning behind any stealing or (borrowing) especially when it is not possible to remove items with out the transaction being logged and recorded.

Lets take this as an opportunity to move forwarded together! with the new chest block plugin it will give everyone the ability to lock chests and doors, this will allow people to have a new sense of privacy and security. 

below i have complied a list of the most frequently needed commands that you all need to know to use the plugin! 🙂


  • /cprivate [follow this by left clicking on the chest to lock]
  • /cprivate password [replace password with the desired password for the chest]
  • /cinfo [displays info on the current chest]
  • /cmodify [modifies the lock on the current chest]

For any additional info please read the Modern LWC wiki