Frequently asked questions

  • How do I join the server? — That’s easy, head over to the register tab at the top of the web page and submit an application form.
  • What do I do if I encounter a bug or glitch? — Click the submit new ticket button on the support page on our website. please be as detailed as possible and submit screenshots of the issue.
  • What do I do if I have my items stolen or house griefed? — Contact one of our Moderators or Administrators in game or head onto the support page of our website and submit a ticket, please be sure to include an estimated date and the coordinates of the grief or theft.
  • How do I find the Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy and Data breach policy? — Scroll down to the bottom of our web site, these documents are located in the footer.

Server Status

Submitting a Support ticket

When you are in need of help or assistance on for one of our services please submit a support ticket, you may have had items stolen from your chests, or explored too far and gotten stuck in an unloaded chunk whatever the issue is don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket.

When submitting a ticket please ensure the title includes a very brief and snappy subject for the issue that makes it clear to our support staff what the problem is eg. “Explored and get stuck in an unloaded chunk”, “My Diamonds were stolen from my house”.

It is not necessary to include your Minecraft username in the main subject. when filling in the description please ensure you are as detailed as possible regarding the issue. if you’ve had items stolen from your chest please include the in-game coordination of the chest and building, as well as a rough time frame this occurred. If you have screenshots please include them as an attachment.

Be sure to include your InGame Name in the description section.

Finally, before you click the submit button please select the correct product or service, click on the Product tab and choose the service or product you experienced issues with eg. Minecraft Survival, NexusUils, 1Playersleep, etc.

Finally, click submit and our support staff will respond to your issue as soon as possible.

Submitting an RFC ( Request for Change)

Have an awesome idea for the server? or a change or tweak to improve gameplay don’t just keep your ideas to your self, let us know by submitting a Request for change. Anyone can submit change requests. when submitting one please ensure you follow these steps:

  1. What is the change?? — what is it you are proposing to change or add to one of our services?? functionality? a new plugin? changes to current systems etc. Go in-depth in explaining exactly what it is your trying to change and what it will do.
  2. Do people want or like the change?? How can we check or test the change to see people option on it? — This can be as simple as posting an article on the website and including a poll that allows people to vote their options on the change.
  3. What services or infrastructure will the change effect — What server or service will the change effect. Please be specific in listing the instructions for what will need to be done to perform the change and what would need to be done to undo the change, be very specific in listing the steps.

RFC’s are submitted just like Support tickets under the Submit New Ticket Tab, be sure to set the subject as (RFC — [name of change]) so our team know its an RFC, not a support ticket.

please attach any links for files that will be required to perform the change. if you do not submit the RFC to a satisfactory standard ou may be asked to resubmit it again.

Staff Applications

Currently, we are not looking to fill any positions. However, when we do the position will be advised via our news and discord channels and anyone will have the ability to apply for the position. they will be required to provide a curriculum vitæ and cover letter, explaining why they feel they would be a good fit for the role.

Our Team 


Jack Harris (st_tuff)

Minecraft Moderator

Lucas Vanlippen (Jalecko898)
Minecraft Moderator

Website Developer

Alex Dalton (DrTurtleBot)
Website Developer

DataPack Developer

Will L (Willa_)
Jason Devloper

Minecraft Moderator

Mathew Spendlove (Mathew021)
Minecraft Moderator

Plugin Developer

Lachlan Adamson(voidk1ller)
Java Developer

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