New NexusField Lite


A new nexusfield has begun, but this time to preserve trading and collaboration, Most forms of AFK farming are removed.

Afk farming is broken, as we can all probably agree. It is overpowered to the point that, if you’re just a little bit lucky, you can have mending books within the first couple of hours of playing. AFK Farming gets rid of the need for player to player communication and roleplay, every item is easily available and the players who create the farms have unlimited power.

No economy/ collaboration can survive in a world with infinite resources. We believe no exploit should be used for profit, if you really think about it, it is cheating the game.
In Minecraft “survival” mode we would like to feel like we are “surviving”.

Removing automation make the game more multiplayer friendly, where people need to collaborate to survive. We have detected a direct correlation between automation and lower collaboration

This is why the NexusField Lite server will be established.
This server would be established for all the people who like to role play and create things like ancient civilisations with trading and people have specialisations. This is a world where crusades can conquer, People can create medieval trading centres to peer to peer trade there resources, Sand Oasis cities can form, A player can feel that someone is not in a “creative mode” and collaboration, rather than just talking while playing, can thrive.

Rules would be:
1. No AutoFarms/AFK Farms
2. No exploits, eg Iron Golems spawning trying to protect a town but instead being
incinerated into a farm, Things should be how Mojang originally intended survival to be
3. Nothing that gives the power to create mega amounts of resources with minimal effort
unless Mojang originally intended this to be. eg “Infinite TNT dropping mine” should not
be allowed but “efficiency 5 shovel” is allowed.
4. Lets play Minecraft rather than cheat Minecraft.
5. No forcing another player to stop “playing” Minecraft.
6. Lets give everyone a good time.

List of known examples of banned AFK systems as examples, NOT LIMITED TO:
• Auto Animal breeders, eg “Mats auto chicken breeder”
• Auto Melon and pumpkin farms
• Egg farms
• Snow farms
• Wheat farms
• Sugar cane farms
• Iron Farms
• Gold Farms
• Cobble stone farms
• Witch farms
• Slime Farms
• Xp farms
• Wooden log farms
• Fish farms
• Blaze rod farms
• 1X1 Wool farms
• Cactus farms
• And many more

For players who do want to automate, just go on the normal nexusfield server, “Nexus Field Lite” is for all who just want to “Play” Minecraft rather than exploit it.

Read the full document here