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Bare-Metal & Hybrid Cloud

NexusField’s Bare-metal and Hybrid cloud solutions allow us to seamlessly perfect how we host and distributed servers allowing us to provide the most resistant and scalable solution for server hosting. Partnering with Peninsula Interactive has allowed us to gain a unparalleled level of control over our server and cloud infrastructure.

— Why NexusField? —

Out of this world Service

At NexusField we pride our self on providing the highest level of service possible to our player base with quick responsiveness to support tickets and active administrators on servers were here to help!

Uptime Guarantee

Build on the backbone of our partner Peninsula Interactive Melbourne Data Center we can ensure and maintain the uptime to our servers with a 99% guarantee allowing all NexusField players to embrace and embed themselves into the game with out the risk of dropping out.

Cyber Security Focused

Cyber Security has become an increasing challenge for company and organizations around the world with thousands of cyber attacks taking place each year. NexusField has implemented a robust risk assessment system and data breach response plans to ensure we can take every step to protect your data.

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